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Gift Cards

Give a memorable gift perfect for any occasions!

Purchasing Information:

To purchase a gift card Click ‘Buy Now’ and choose the value that you would like to give. You can select one of the three amount options or hit ‘other’ to choose a specific amount that you prefer.


How Much Should I Give?

Here is a quick break down of our prices:
Seal Watch Adventure Cruise: Adults $50, Children, $40
Beachcomber Expedition and Seal Tour: Adults $85, Children $70
Sunset Cruise: Adults and Children $45
Adults-Ages 12+
Children- Under 11

What happens after I buy it?

You will receive a code in your confirmation e-mail, as well as an option for a virtual card which can be printed out. You can also e-mail the virtual card directly to the recipient. Another option is to print out our Blue Claw Boat Tour voucher found in the confirmation email. Be sure to copy the code you receive onto the voucher.

How does the recipient redeem their gift card?

When the recipient of the gift card is ready to schedule a cruise, they will visit our website or give us a call to book. If they book online there is an option to ‘Apply a gift card’ right before you fill out your contact and payment information. Enter the code and your gift card will be applied towards the price of the booking!